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Xevant is helping Pharmacy Benefit organizations lower costs and improve health by transforming the way they gather and analyze critical data.

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“We can now access client pharmacy data quicker and with more accuracy than anyone in our market.”

Nick Conway, SVP Head of Product

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“Thanks to Xevant, we have the ability to monitor, report and act on PBM and vendor performance in greater detail and scale than ever before.”

Clare Hunter, Clinical Account Executive

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“Xevant has enabled us to automate the collection of client performance insights in ways we could only dream of previously. Plus our account managers can now handle a larger number of clients and have improved service levels as a result.”

Mark Cieslinski, EVP

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“With Xevant we’ve delivered a revolutionary performance management and reporting tool to our clients and prospects that differentiates our services and makes us highly competitive in a very crowded PBM market.”

Vikki Columbus, Chief Pharmacy Officer

Xevant transforms the way these companies analyze business.

Customer Success Stories

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X4 Analytics Platform

NFP generates 78% revenue growth using real-time, actionable data.

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Contract management

Hold vendors accountable to agreed contract rates with Real-time aggregated data.

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plan management

Arxcel Leverages Xevant to Produce Complex Deliverables in Just One Click

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A smiling pharmacist helping a customer purchase prescription drugs.
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Case Management

Instantly provide the most cost-effective drug treatment options for patients.

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Specialty copay assistance

“We certainly couldn't have grown as quickly as we have without Xevant.”

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Claims pricing

Achieve maximum cost savings for clients by providing immediate repricing analysis.

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