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Automated Insights & Optimized Performance

Xevant’s intelligent analytics platform infuses real-time automation across the entire pharmacy benefits eco-system to autonomously analyze every Rx claim individually and in aggregate resulting in game-changing control, cost savings and outcomes improvement.

Reduce Costs with Real-Time Insights

  • A first-of-its-kind and ever-expanding pharmacy data analytics platform
  • 12 modules, 300 dashboards, over 3,500 reports
  • Real-time automated analytics and a user-friendly interface allow for optimized business practices, reduced operating & drug costs, improved patient outcomes

The Health Plan Challenge

Pharmacy is a major and ever-growing part of overall health care costs in the U.S.; traditional ways of interacting with your PBM partner mean increased time and effort to address a very serious component of health plan trend. Familiar challenges include:
  • Untimely/inconsistent analyses & reporting from your PBM’s assigned account team
  • Little to no access to intelligent, real-time insights to drive outcomes and value-based models
  • Reporting from your PBM in varied formats, quality, and availability
  • Inconsistent depth of analyses lacking relevant information
  • Sub-optimal ASO RFP analysis support from your PBM account team
  • Poor budget allocation resulting in lost opportunities, wasteful spending, and inefficient client management

The Problem with the Current PBM Model

Drug benefit plans are complex and require diligent, constant oversight; small problems become serious issues over time, with major financial and health impacts. Remediating these issues requires time and effort. A high-cost claim, an underperforming retail network, a high-risk patient population, a brand-heavy prescriber, and other drug plan issues all contribute to these costs. Quarterly/annual reviews only slightly peek into the window of costly problems – months to years after they occur, long after any actionable solution has a meaningful, lasting impact.

Xevant & Health Plans – “Bad News Early Is Good News”
Identifying problem areas today translates to good stewardship of the plan and patient, savings of time, savings of cost, and client satisfaction

Immediate savings opportunities: better client performance through conversion of data into immediate action

  • Xevant autonomously identifies problems and opportunities in real-time.
  • Manage specific claims faster than ever, addressing immediate and future unnecessary costs.
  • Retrospective quarterly and annual reviews serve a purpose, but they simply fall short where drug plan costs need immediate action – bad news early can be good news.

Save Time with Automated Reporting

  • Today, teams of people with varied resources take days or weeks to produce reports
  • With Xevant, in seconds, the report comes to you automatically, in a customized, client-ready presentation

Better Client Management Now

  • Xevant automates time-consuming requirements – boosting client satisfaction and retention
  • Client reviews, claims management, member research, and clinical management are instantly at your fingertips instead of weeks or months

Automated Pharmacy Claim Repricing and Savings Analyses

  • Reprice pharmacy claims and generate savings analyses in minutes.
  • Infinite pricing schedules and scenarios embedded within Xevant
  • Generate greater revenue and margin by improving your ability to manage risk, calculate margin, and retain and secure additional ASO business
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Expert Pharmacy Analysis

Along with insight into claims data, Xevant’s team of industry pharmacy professionals can assist with timely action to prevent future claims problems today.

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Full Transparency & PBM Oversight

Xevant analyzes claims data to give you real-time insight into PBM and ASO pricing performance.

Full transparency and instant access to the data you need when you need it.

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“Xevant has enabled us to automate the collection of client performance insights in ways we could only dream of previously. Plus our account managers can now handle a larger number of clients and have improved service levels as a result.”
mark cieslinski, EVP

Automated Alerts

  • Immediately avoid potential problems at the patient, group, or overall plan level, now.
  • Identify escalating issues with automated alerts on a consistent basis
  • Ditch the “look-back” model – significant savings and cost avoidance for health plans are here, now
  • Get instant alerts for all stakeholders when performance falls above or below customized clinical and financial “performance zones”
  • With deployment of Xevant, immediate intervention has resulted in improved member health, reduced client and analytics cost, and reduced clinical oversight, by addressing issues as they occur

The Xevant platform is helping Plans today

Xevant has had a significant impact for our health plan partners who are achieving over 9% savings through deployment of Xevant. Select use case examples include:

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Automating specialty copay assistance programs resulting in 9% plan and member cost savings

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Automating Disease and Utilization Management by autonomously identifying target patients in real-time and enabling clinicians to decrease time to intervene and influence behavior by 30 days

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Automating client plan reviews resulting in health plan cost avoidance of 5%

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Automating PBM Contract Pricing Management resulting in claims cost reduction of 3% and audit cost avoidance of over $50K per audited client

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