Contract management

The Concern

How do I know if my PBM is performing to the contract? Typically, contract performance is reviewed annually and toward year-end when it’s often too late to review or take corrective measures.

The XEVANT Solution

Xevant’s automated process will evaluate your contract’s performance in less than two hours, being completed as many times as you want.

The Xevant Result

By using Xevant, you can eliminate year-end surprises by proactively taking corrective measures depending on the identified trends and variances. Xevant identifies trends, potential problems, and contract variances in under two hours, compared to an industry standard, which includes a slow, manual processes annually. Xevant can identify trends such as Guaranteed Ingredient Cost, Contract Variance, Overage/Shortage of Contractual Discounts, Contract Dollar Variance by Channel, and more.

The Xevant How to Guide:

1. Log into Xevant
2. Go to FinanceLogic
3. Click “Contract Performance” tab at the top
4. Set the filters

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