Smarter Data Means Better Outcomes

How many members were newly diagnosed to a new, expensive, and tough to manage diagnosis yesterday? ClinicalLogic can customize the exact disease states you manage while automating the identification of newly diagnosed members. This enables clinicians to focus on care management rather than report generation and analysis – resulting in better health and lower cost.

ClinicalLogic Datasheet

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ClinicalLogic Delivers Better Patient Management

ClinicalLogic automatically alerts assigned clinicians to changes in patient health and provides outcomes and cost reduction insights from all clinical management programs provided by your clinicians.

Identifies Cost Saving Opportunities

Replace disparate tools with a single solution and automate tedious pricing tasks to simplify pricing management. BidLogic handles every aspect related to pricing depending on your clients needs.

Autonomously Manage Clinical Performance

Don’t struggle to manually manage pharmacy claims data. Automate all clinical analysis and alerting to eliminate errors, enhance clinician performance, and reduce management costs.

clinicalLogic by the numbers

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Claims Analyzed

10 billion pharmaceutical claims analyzed

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Improved Patient Outcomes

Over 3 million patients with positive outcomes generated from their health plans

$ 0 M

Clinical Management Costs Saved

Over $200 million in drug cost savings opportunities presented

What Can ClinicalLogic Do?

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Streamlining for Cost Savings and Improved Healthcare

Real-time insight into clinical trends, drug adherence, and member utilization promotes direct collaboration with clients and adds immense value to your services. These same insights can have meaningful impacts on patient health as well.

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Improvement of Patient Outcomes with Automated Analysis

Automated analysis leverages algorithms, data modeling, and process automation to analyze and evaluate large datasets. Compared to traditional care management, ClinicalLogic facilitates immediacy in outcomes because decisions can be acted upon in near real-time – creating new levels of patient health and cost savings.

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Real Time Alerts That Can Save Lives

Enhance collaboration between patients and healthcare providers, through real time alerts that can give a clinical edge when timing matters in patient health.

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Optimized and Automated Reporting

Automated reporting means you don’t have to waste time compiling quarterly, or annual, reports. Focus on strategy, not spreadsheets.


“With Xevant we’ve delivered a revolutionary performance management and reporting tool to our clients and prospects that differentiates our services and makes us highly competitive in a very crowded PBM market.”


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