Performance Zones Measure Your Success

ScripLogic measures client performance against guidelines you create – benefit performance zones. See how utilization stacks up against your expectations, market averages, and historical benchmarks.

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Real-Time Alerts into Benefit Utilization

You don’t have to spend hours pulling data from a thousand spreadsheets to get a high-level view of benefit utilization. ScripLogic uses real-time alerts to warn you – and other potential stakeholders you’ve added – when utilization falls out of targeted performance zones.

Automated Performance You Control

Since performance zones are set by you, you get to set the parameters for prices, utilization, and management goals that are all automated and monitored by the ScripLogic solution.

See Member and Drug Management Insights

ScripLogic looks at benefit utilization holistically. Member and drug management are weighed into performance reporting. See trends in member data, drug usage, and utilization performance.

Slash Costs and Achieve Client Optimization

With ScripLogic, stakeholders can collaborate and access performance zones, eliminate manual processes, and make strategic changes to plans according to real-time data.

ScripLogic by the numbers


Clients Optimized

Over 10,000 employer clients optimized


Reports Generated

Over 400 insightful reports generated by ScripLogic

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Costs Saved

Over 15% of costs saved by clients after using the solution

What Can ScripLogic Do?

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Active Performance Alerts

ScripLogic offers a built-in infrastructure that notifies you regarding performance issues that payers, administrators, and other benefits managers face – as well as possible failures that may occur in the future. By setting metric thresholds, such as time, claim volume, cost, etc. you will be alerted each time a threshold that is important to you is crossed. Alerts can easily be added into reports which are released far quicker compared to the arduous manual effort needed to generate current reporting.

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Reduced Pharmacy Benefits Costs

Shared, real-time insights into plan performance ensures no duplicated or wasted resources. Accurate and instant analysis help to make better decisions in order to understand utilization and pharmacy costs.

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Pharmacy Benefits Performance Transparency

There are many stakeholders with differing agendas managing a pharmacy benefits industry of over $400 billion. When competing strategies converge, client performance tends to decline, causing unnecessary increased cost. However, when all stakeholders have access to real-time insights from a single trusted source, performance transparency and synergy prevail – leading to lower costs and improved outcomes.

ScripLogic enables informed strategies based on utilization and trend data that help predict future outcomes. Having control of performance transparency leads to better utilization and cost performance while improving patient care.


“Thanks to Xevant, we have the ability to monitor, report and act on PBM and vendor performance in greater detail and scale than ever before.”


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