Custom views

The Concern

I have several reports I have created with filters for my plans. However, every time I login to Xevant, I spend  additional time re-entering the filters to get the same report over and over. This is very time consuming.
Is there a way I can set and save the filters once for my customized reports, so they are here every time I want to run them? For example, I might want to see the last 60 days of data, but manually entering that filter each time can be time consuming.

The XEVANT Solution

Xevant allows you to create, design, and name specific reports with specific criteria you want on a regular basis. Some of the custom filters available are duration, account name, final claim status, compare date, and many more.

The Xevant Result

The Xevant platform (across all modules) has a functionality called “View” that allows you to set custom filters. Once you have selected the “View” icon and set your parameters, you can then name and save your report, saving you time while creating consistent reports.

The Xevant How to Guide:

  • 1. Navigate to “View” at the top right of the toolbar
  • 2. From here, you can select “Save Custom Views,” “My Views (custom views),” and manage your views
  • 3. Save Custom View:
    • a. After setting your filters, type the name of this view
    • b. You can choose to make this view your default
  • 4. Set the filters
    • a. Select the saved view of your choice
  • 5. Manage Views:
    • a. Here you can rename, delete, or hide and unhide your custom views

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