Access and Monitor All Financial Data

With FinanceLogic you can quickly identify errors and trends across all aspects of benefit performance. You don’t have to spend hours hunting for coding errors or mapping utilization-based price changes – changes are reported to you automatically, in real-time.

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Find Inaccurate Benefit Coding Instantly

FinanceLogic quickly identifies atypical pricing and inaccurate coding errors and sends you real-time alerts to eliminate manual searching.

Customized Automated Reporting

Manual reporting is outdated. FinanceLogic’s automated reporting, which is completely customizable, allows you to set goals and identify contract performance across all client contracts – without making mistakes.

Autonomously Audit Pharmacy Claims

Set your contract terms for a benefit plan, and FinanceLogic will automatically audit claims data – down to the claim level – on a daily basis, and alert you to differences in adjudicated results vs expected pharmacy rates. This feature can save thousands of hours spent manually researching contracts and spreadsheets of claims data.

financeLogic by the numbers

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Mistakes/Inconsistencies Identified

Over 50% of end customers identified as underperforming or needing attention

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Audited Pharmacy Claims

Over 10 billion claims audited

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Savings Opportunities Presented

Over 3% overpayment of drug costs across all clients

What Can FinanceLogic Do?

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Real Time Alerts for Financial Data

It’s damaging if you only know about errors and changes long after they’ve occurred. If it becomes a regular occurrence, it can lead to you missing critical opportunities and missing the chance to make the right decisions to prevent losses. It also creates distrust between vendors and clients. FinanceLogic provides real-time insights and alerts for problems that arise in a pharmacy claim, such as overcharges or rebate issues.
Common pricing issues, such as underperformance, drug classification, rebate underpayment, and contract exclusions are identified and sent to you as alerts. Additionally, FinanceLogic actively monitors the drug space and informs when manufacturers increase a drug unit cost- and alerts when there will be a future spike in cost exceeding metrics you set for your clients or book of business.

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Gain Complete Control of Pharmacy Benefit Programs

FinanceLogic is fully customizable. This allows you full control for designing in-depth benefit programs and making audits when needed. You can create and assign rules at different levels – flexibility offers custom configurations to reduce set-up and maintenance time. Whether you’re interested in tracking pricing performance, overpayment of pharmacy costs, high cost claimants, or avoiding steep inflation, FinanceLogic puts you in the driver seat and allows you to automate your plan.

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Autonomously Audit Pharmacy Claims

Get automated help when analyzing pharmacy program performance to know if it’s meeting pricing guarantees and a contract’s financial terms. By efficiently auditing daily pharmacy claims, you will be able to validate discounts, lower pricing logic, dispense fees, and review financial guarantees, all in real-time. The outcome is an optimized and accurate pharmacy benefit program – before it grows out of control and difficult to manage.

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Automatic Monitoring Based on Customization

Automated monitoring reduces the chances of manual errors and provides status updates regarding pharmacy claims. Set thresholds based on the claim or contract requirements, and receive alerts or updates when there are changes in performance, high drug cost, or changes in drug prices. Rather than manually pulling data, FinanceLogic tracks changes and ensures your clients are billed accurately – fulfilling contract requirements.


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