Unfettered Access to All Pharmacy Benefits Data Inputs

DataLogic delivers quick data analysis for faster decisions by pulling data from hundreds of different sources to create one highly efficient and accurate report.

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One Source of Truth for Happy Clients

Instead of manually building reports from across many data vendors, now you can automate reporting using in-depth data analysis. Automatically highlight plan and performance changes and present areas for improvement in instantly generated reports that you can share with clients.

Faster, Accurate, Real-Time Reports

Analyze real-time market trends and data from numerous sources and vendors to identify saving opportunities and create faster, accurate reports.

View All of Your Data in One Place

Datalogic provides one source of truth that captures critical info from hundreds of vendors, drug manufacturers, and administrators – and translates it all into a single, unified data stream.

Easily Compare Data for Quick Decisions

Gone are the days of manually comparing vendors and prices, Xevant’s DataLogic solution collects information from hundreds of vendors with a myriad of prices – and efficiently structures it for you to make better decisions and gain a chance for more clients.

dataLogic by the numbers


Data Sources Optimized

Over 200 data feeds received on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis


Data Elements Processed

Over 60,000 data elements processed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

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Speed of Data Transformation

30 billion claims processed in under 30 minutes

What Can DataLogic Do?

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Single View of Your Data

You are responsible for finding the hidden gems in mountains of pharmacy data. It can be a difficult task to gather data from numerous vendors and then leverage it to report performance, provide insights, and suggest guidance. DataLogic does the difficult work of processing data from over a hundred vendors – along with each of their unique data layouts – and landing that data in a single stream of data powering all 3,000 reports in automation. It’s a Rosetta Stone for pharmaceutical data.

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The Power of a Single Source of Truth

DataLogic allows all of your pharmacy benefits data to live in a single source of truth. This has huge impacts on reporting, trend analysis, and forecasting. When all of your data lives in one place, it’s easier to find and remove errors, translate data from one vendor to another, and have a holistic view of plan performance.

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Efficiently Interlinks With Other Xevant Modules

Once the data is landed, the data work is done. DataLogic connects all Xevant modules and allows each part to ‘speak’ to one other – or rather, to work together to obtain results from all modules. This is how other modules create optimized real-time reports in a single ‘language.’ This is the library, brain, and translator for Xevant solutions – and how we’re able to provide instant insights and automated reporting.


“Xevant has enabled us to automate the collection of client performance insights in ways we could only dream of previously. Plus our account managers can now handle a larger number of clients and have improved service levels as a result.”


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