Intelligent Alerts To Optimize and Proactively Manage Performance

AlertLogic is a customizable solution that autonomously reviews claims data and alerts relevant stakeholders in real-time so that they can immediately and proactively make changes.

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Identify Cost Saving Opportunities

Rather than relying on annual or quarterly reporting, AlertLogic automatically monitors and reviews customized claims data in real-time then identifies areas of opportunity. Stakeholders receive instant alerts and are able to make necessary changes that lead to significant cost savings.

Customizable Claims Management

Through AlertLogic, stakeholders can monitor an endless number of specific claims data metrics. In the event of significant changes, the platform will notify the user and identify the core area where the issue is occurring. The data can be reviewed in three ways:

Historical Data Comparison: This measures the data against itself– how the data compared against prior day, week, month, or year.

Business Comparison: This measures the data against the entire claims dataset for each client’s book of business.

Customized Comparison: This measures the data against a client’s expectation.

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Over 1,000 customizable alerts proactively monitoring performance.

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Data elements can be tracked using smart alerts.

What Can AlertLogic Do?

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Track Inflation

Drug cost inflation happens quickly and can be detrimental to utilization. AlertLogic can identify increases when they happen and immediately notify users so they can find an alternative before the drug’s utilization is effected.

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Manage Newly Diagnosed Members

Knowing exactly when members start a new therapy is crucial for managing each patient’s health and long-term cost of therapy. AlertLogic can notify clinicians within hours of a member receiving a life-changing diagnosis. This affords the PBM, payer, end-customer, and patient the opportunity to effectively communicate early and often in order to maximize outcomes while reducing the cost of therapy.

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Customize Alerts

In less than 5 minutes, users can customize AlertLogic to track an endless number of metrics that are specific to each use case. For example, a contract manager at a PBM can set an alert to monitor each client’s contract performance to ensure clients and the PBM achieve an ideal payment performance. Alternatively, a client manager at a health plan or TPA could set utilization alerts to ensure their end-customers are achieving ideal performance and prove their value to clients.

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