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Xevant’s end-to-end implementation, customization, training, and support services ensure that you maximize your return on investment and achieve the full value of your personalized Xevant platform.

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The Xevant implementation team will ensure that your deployment is customized and set up to meet your specific objectives. Your data will be securely imported and transformed enabling you and your team to effectively use Xevant and immediately optimize client performance.

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Your Xevant deployment is optimized to match your unique business and client management approach, making your instance of Xevant unlike any other. Our customization process includes a robust discovery and blue-printing phase to ensure we fully understand your desired outcomes.

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We provide a range of product training services to ensure you and your team are fully equipped to deploy and utilize the Xevant platform and its functionalities. Our live and in-person certification program enables client administrators to become Xevant experts. Additional resources include: More than 20 in-platform training modulesComprehensive Xevant training centerWeekly webcast sessions

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As a hosted software service, Xevant automatically scales resources to meet your needs. Our model provides a dedicated 3+ tier services solution to ensure your Xevant instance receives ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and support. Your dedicated Xevant Solutions Consultant will be available as a first line of contact for your ongoing questions and needs. In addition, Xevant fully manages the infrastructure, scalability, redundancy, and provisioning of your Xevant instance.

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