Identifying New Members

The Concern

My members’ health requirements are constantly changing, often making it difficult to manage to the plan. I want to know, in real-time, which members have developed new health issues (indications) that will impact the profitability of the plan. I am currently tracking this manually, which can lead to errors.

The XEVANT Solution

Xevant automates the tracking of members with new indications. You can create and save your reports, so they can be run as often as you want for whatever timeframe you choose. The Xevant system has over 75 indicators, on which you can filter over a specified period.

The Xevant Result

By using Xevant, you can eliminate the manual tracking and get current notification of members who have been diagnosed with new health issues. Additionally, you can review your plan in total or drill down to the actual member. You can filter on over 75 indicators such as acne, allergies, anxiety, constipation, among many others. You can also filter by essentials, narcotics, brand, generic, specialty, drug name and more, giving you a full picture.

The Xevant How to Guide:

  • 1. Log into Xevant
  • 2. Click the arrow that expands the tabs
  • 3. Click the arrow that expands the tabs
  • 4. On “Daily KPI Alerts” click the tab, “Daily Members with New Therapies”
  • 5. Change the filter “Most Common Indications”
  • 6. Specify time frame

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