Introducing Ivím at Work with Xevant

Elevate employee well-being and boost your bottom line with our premier corporate weight loss program.

The gold standard in corporate medical weight management

Ivím at Work, in partnership with Xevant, introduces an innovative corporate weight loss program that empowers employers to offer a comprehensive medical weight loss benefit at an affordable cost. Setting a new benchmark for employer health benefit programs, Ivím at Work provides personalized healthcare management and expert clinical oversight tailored to each employee’s unique journey, while ensuring enhanced access to cutting-edge GLP-1 medications.

A game changer for employee health and wellness

  • Improved access to affordable GLP-1 medications, mitigating concerns related to drug shortages
  • Unparalleled care management and clinical oversight customized for each individual’s needs
  • Flexible plan options and employee cost-sharing arrangements to accommodate diverse goals and budgets
  • User-friendly app for tracking progress, accessing educational resources, and engaging with a supportive weight loss community
  • Enhanced control over future benefit costs and health outcomes

The result? A first-of-its-kind corporate medical weight loss solution that enhances employee well-being, boosts satisfaction, and drives positive results for your organization’s bottom line.

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Ivím at Work with Xevant

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