Xevant: Your PBM Data Analytics Solution

Automated Insights. Optimized Performance.

Xevant was founded to bring unmatched pharmacy data analytics solutions to the marketplace with the development and launch of its intelligent analytics platform, unprecedented in its scope and depth. Xevant empowers PBMs to reduce costs for clients with real-time data and insights, including:

  • A first-of-its-kind and ever-expanding PBM data analytics platform
  • 12 modules, 300 dashboards, over 3,500 individual reports
  • Real-time automated analytics for optimized business practices, reduced operating & drug costs, and improved patient outcomes

PBMs are vital to healthcare. Xevant is vital to PBMs.

Pharmacy is a major driver of health care costs in the U.S.; significant time and effort goes into addressing a very serious component of health plan trend, including:

  • Searching for/isolating drug plan red flags – high cost claims, brand-heavy prescribers, drug/therapy adherence, inflation, doc-shopping, abuse, and lack of coverage management
  • Copay alignment
  • Maximizing the value of RFP responses with varied sources of data and pricing models
  • Running complex predictive modeling and forecasting reports
  • Monitoring contract performance with incomplete views of the data
  • Overseeing rebate performance transparency

Xevant delivers on its PBM promise – “Bad News Early Is Good News” Identifying problem areas today translates to good stewardship of the plan, savings of time, savings of cost, and client goodwill.

Automated Reporting and Forecasting

PBM data requires reliability and speed to quickly bring critical insights to the surface. Xevant’s platform is completely customizable for PBMs and consolidates data from multiple sources for faster data analysis, enabling you to:

  • Immediately avoid problems at the patient, group, or overall plan level, now
  • Identify escalating issues through automated alerts in time to act
  • Ditch the “look-back” model – significant savings and cost avoidance for PBM clients is visualized in real-time, every day
  • Get instant alerts when performance falls above or below customized “performance zones”
  • With Xevant, immediate intervention has resulted in improved member health, reduced client and analytics cost, and reduced clinical oversight, by addressing issues as they occur
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“With Xevant we’ve delivered a revolutionary performance management and reporting tool to our clients and prospects that differentiates our services and makes us highly competitive in a very crowded PBM market.”
viKKi columbus, Chief Pharmacy Officer
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More Efficient Retrospective Drug Utilization Reviews (RDUR)

Xevant makes it easier to operate and measure the impact of RDUR. Our prescription data aggregation and processing engine reduce the manual effort to identify opportunities for patient/plan outcomes.

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Rebate Optimization and Transparency

Xevant instantly identifies opportunities to effectively manage utilization, ensure optimal formulary adherence, and maximize rebate value. PBMs can account for costs down to the penny and reduce/eliminate fees in the rebate supply chain, auditable at the NDC level.

Magnify Your Sentry Effect

PBMs can complete retail pharmacy audits in a fraction of the time with Xevant. Instantly audit any set of live or test claims data to validate adjudicated results vs. expected outcomes. We make it easier to assess contract performance and compare metrics against benchmarks.

Automated Pharmacy Claim Repricing and Savings Analyses

  •  Reprice pharmacy claims and generate savings analyses in minutes
  • Infinite pricing scenarios embedded in Xevant
  • Access to an automated pricing tool
  • Maximize your underwriting staff’s ability to manage risk, calculate margin, and retain and secure additional PBM business
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Expert Pharmacy Analysis

Along with insight into claims data, Xevant’s team of industry pharmacy professionals can assist with timely action to prevent future claims problems today.

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Better Client Management Now

Xevant automates time-consuming requirements – boost your client satisfaction and retention.

Reviews, claims management, member research, and clinical management are addressed in minutes or days instead of weeks or months.


Xevant has had a significant impact for our health plan partners. Examples include:

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Employer & Member Savings

With a 15% reduction in member costs from high-cost specialty drugs

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Administrator ROI (auditable 5:1 on savings v. costs)

5,000 total hours conserved per quarter on Plan Review prep alone

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Average Reduction in Claims Costs (3%)

Optimizing PBM contracts guarantees and performance in real-time

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Overall Plan Savings (9%)

9% plan cost reduction without making changes to benefits plan

$1 million total savings on average per Plan Review per million lives

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Instant Plan Reviews (saved 119 days v. traditional process)

Xevant gives you the power of a real-time plan review without waiting 8-12 weeks for PBMs and can generate a complete annual or quarterly report in just 18 seconds

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