Complete Pharmacy Benefits Optimization

Xevant enables you to fully maximize the value of your proven solutions by instantly and autonomously identifying issues that are uniquely solved by the solutions only you can provide.

Xevant Platform Capabilities

Contract Management

Plan Management

Formulary Optimization

Specialty Co-Pay Assistance

Product Mix Optimization

Rebate Optimization

Rx Adherence Management

Trend Management 

New to Therapy Management

Network Management

Instant Claims Repricing

Claims Adjudication

Xevant Automated Analytics Explained

The following key modules are the core of Xevant.

Configuring a custom Xevant solution for your organization is simple  and based on elements related to usage of the platform including lives under management. We offer packages with specific features to meet your needs focused on advanced data analytics, client management, and streamlined operations.


Complete Pharmacy Benefits in One Data Solution

Now you can access all pharmacy data in one central location to power all analytics and automation. DataLogic also interlinks other Xevant solutions to create one highly optimized single source of truth.

Claims and record counts charted out.
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Intelligent Alerts to Optimize and Proactively Manage Performance

AlertLogic is a customizable solution that autonomously reviews claims data and alerts relevant stakeholders in real-time so that they can immediately and proactively make changes.

Alerts and accounts activity displayed with graphs.
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Scale and Optimize Pharmacy Benefits

Gain access to fully automated client performance management with ScripLogic. ScripLogic alerts stakeholders when performance falls above or below expectations. This means improved patient health, reduced operational cost, and faster insights into pharmacy benefits.

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Actionable Scenarios in Real Time

“We are now able to focus on actionable scenarios in real time, utilizing the alert technology, versus just reporting on high-level metrics on a quarterly basis. That is truly the biggest differentiator for us and our clients.”

Nick Conway, SVP Head of Product


Gain Complete Financial Insight and Control Pharmacy Benefits

FinanceLogic puts an end to costly mistakes caused by inaccurate benefit coding, inconsistent drug pricing, and utilization-based price changes.

Drug reports and trends.
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Customized Clinical Program Optimization and Automation

ClinicalLogic eliminates the need for clinicians to sift through mountains of data to find the few members needing attention. The system also automates member health management by notifying assigned clinicians and presenting clinical program results for reduced pharmacy benefits costs and improved member outcomes.

Pharmacy claims data analysis sheet.
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Maximize Client Savings with Automated Price Evaluation and Modeling

BidLogic helps win more business resulting in increased revenue by finding the best pricing models for clients in seconds. This is done by combing through thousands of different pricing scenarios making it easy to review pricing efficiently.

Drug rebate pricing sheet.
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Access the Data

“Access to data is critical for us to serve as the point of validation and accountability for our clients. Through data, we can provide insight into what specifically is driving their utilization, spend, and trend.”

Clare Hunter, Clinical Account Executive


The First Fully Transparent Drug Rebate Solution

RebateLogic is a groundbreaking solution that fully automates the management and optimization of drug rebates, while providing a new level of access to industry-leading rebate contracts and price transparency.

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Turn Complex Pharmacy Claims Data into Actionable Insights

TrendLogic guides benefits payers, including brokers and employers, to improved performance and reduced costs through a comprehensive trend analysis utilizing pharmacy claims data. From this evaluation, TrendLogic is able to identify key drivers that are directly impacting your bottom line. The analysis includes a PBM pricing comparison to determine if you can increase savings by securing improved PBM pricing.

A Trend Logic report.
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Automated In-Depth Reports, Crafted in Minutes

Our Plan Review solution automates the creation of on-demand, monthly, quarterly, and annual Plan Review reports for all its users in just minutes. You can save literally thousands of hours with a single click, and with the use of Report Builder you can completely automate the entire process for any client.

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