Plan Review

The Concern

I want to provide my clients a quarterly or an annual plan review, which is core to analyzing their plan’s on- going performance.  In the past, I have spent up to 70 manual hours consolidating numerous spreadsheets of data; and, many times the data is outdated, making the reports ineffective and stale. As a PBM, I also would like to demonstrate how I manage my payers’ plans. Or, if I am proposing my services to a new business, I’d like to show how the payer’s current PBM is not performing. 

The XEVANT Solution

In less than five minutes, Xevant’s automated process will prepare a customized, comprehensive plan using real-time data, allowing PBMs to review identifying trends, potential problems, among other issues all in real-time. Typically, this process requires manually consolidating data from multiple spreadsheets and can take over a week to complete.  

The Xevant Result

By using Xevant’s Plan Review Tool, you can customize a plan review with your desired inputs and parameters. You can standardize up to 50 reports which are then compiled into your plan review.
This review is automatically saved in a PowerPoint format and can include slides such as summary, plan cost summary, plan cost KPIs, plan paid KPIs, Rx Utilization, Channel Summary, Top Drug Classes and more.

The Xevant How to Guide:

  • 1. Log into Xevant
  • 2. Click the tab on the left-hand side
  • 3. Scroll to Reports
  • 4. In Reports, click “Plan Review”
  • 5. From here, select your parameters
  • 6. You can preview your slides by clicking the tabs at the top
  • 7. Click “Download” on the right side of the tool bar
  • 8. Click “PowerPoint”
  • 9. Click “Specific Sheets from this Workbook”
  • 10. Select the slides you’d like to export if not all
  • 11. Click “Download”

Ready to get started?