Arxcel Leverages Xevant to Produce Deliverables

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Arxcel Leverages Xevant to Produce Complex Deliverables in Just One Click

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“Thanks to Xevant, we have the ability to monitor, report and act on PBM and vendor performance in greater detail and scale than ever before.”

Clare Hunter, Clinical Account Executive


Arxcel is a prescription benefits consultancy that strives to be a trusted confidant to those looking to navigate the complex world of prescription benefits coverage. Their goal is to help employers offer members the highest quality, most cost-effective prescription benefits.


Delayed Data from Carriers

Year-end and quarter-end analyses rely on reporting from the carrier or PBM. This effort most often takes multiple months to cultivate and monopolizes the underwriting department. The results are often retrospective, forcing clients to make decisions without concrete data to support them.


Difficulty Maintaining Contact with Busy Clients

Arxcel prides itself in helping clients manage their benefits and alerting them of any trends or drugs coming to market that could lead to changes in cost. With busy schedules, however, it’s not always possible to have monthly or quarterly meetings. This gap in communication threatens not only client relationships but also potential cost savings opportunities.

“Access to data is critical for us to serve as the point of validation and accountability for our clients. Through data, we can provide insight into what specifically is driving their utilization, spend, and trend.”

Clare Hunter, Clinical Account Executive


By leveraging Xevant’s “Placemat” tool, Arxcel gained instant access to real-time data and the ability to generate a customized and professional report within seconds, opposed to weeks. This unique and unbiased perspective gives their team direct access to the current market rates and the ability to advocate solely on the client’s behalf.

Customized One Page Summary

Robbins reached out to Xevant for a way to provide metrics to clients to help them make more informed decisions. Xevant enabled them to cherry pick from an expansive list of features to get the exact information that would be needed for optimal use– retaining and enhancing the client relationship.
The result was a tailor-made “Placemat” tool using real-time analytics customized for a client’s needs and is detailed in a one-page snapshot. This turnkey solution allows Arxcel to send reports without delay. Robbins said, “The Placemat tool is tremendous– very timely, very responsive.”

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Client Specific Metrics Accessible in Minutes With Xevant’s one-page summary, Arxcel can access the source of information and produce a customized client review within minutes bypassing the longer process that could often take weeks or months. Placemat acts as a monthly deliverable and allows Arxcel to connect and provide value to clients with or without meeting.
Create a customized plan review in minutes
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  • Standardized the Process. Following up with clients became a one-click task that produces accurate market information.
  • More Efficient Consulting. Having access to timely data allowed Arxcel to quickly catch cost savings opportunities and improve client efficiency.
  • Better Use of Employee Skill Set. Employees aren’t forced to curate reviews manually and instead can focus on areas where they provide the most value.
  • Differentiator from the Competition. Having data readily available allows Arxcel to begin consulting in a client’s best interest before the dotted line is even signed.

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