Xevant’s Latest Platform Deployment: Setting a New Standard for Comprehensive Pharmacy Analytics

Xevant has methodically redefined the standard for pharmacy analytics by investing tens of thousands of painstaking expert hours in order to deliver much more than just reporting and analytics. For many years, the core stakeholders of pharmacy benefits (payers, TPAs, consultants, brokers, employers, and PBMs) have depended on Xevant’s vast arsenal of software tools to optimize client performance, automate complex data-related processes, and extract crucial insights from deep within difficult-to-uncover pharmacy benefits claims data.

But Xevant decided it wasn’t enough.

Extensive user review, market research, and client feedback fueled the design and development of the latest Xevant version. This resulted in a completely redesigned technology stack focused on heightened usability and software performance.

By combining the best of Xevant’s comprehensive analytics with a rearchitected and state-of-the-art technology stack, Xevant users will gain insights and answers faster than ever before by breezing through dynamic dashboards that are no longer organized in a linear fashion.

User-Centric, Interface

From designing a visually pleasing platform to increasing the functionality, Xevant focused primarily on creating a space the user wants to see and can navigate through with ease. Main areas of focus include:


Data is one of the most important components of the Xevant platform and therefore was a key focus for the rearchitecture. Users can expect to see a faster, more responsive data-driven interface. For example, where customized client plan reviews can take up to 5 hours to complete, with Xevant they can now be cultivated- complete with a customized PowerPoint presentation- in seconds.


As a reflection of a more dynamic interface, the new version of BI is a completely new environment for Xevant clients that can better guide them to the solutions they need. With an extensive increase in story-telling capabilities, the platform interacts with users as they review data to provide crucial insights and forecasts.

The new version of Xevant not only allows users to review insights the way they always have but now it provides a forecasted performance if left unchecked and unmanaged.

By simply hovering over specific segments of time, users will be able to review directives based on intuitive forecasting. Think of it like signposts leading up to impending danger. Now, notifications warn of developing issues along with context for their breadth and depth.


As the most comprehensive, independent pharmacy analytics platform available, Xevant has always delivered an innovative edge that sets it apart from others on the market. Moreover, with the latest redesign, Xevant has furthered its usability and amplified its software performance making it more intuitive and powerful than all previous Xevant versions.

It not only boasts a sleeker look but also eliminates the need to click and view on a linear basis. Simply, hover over scorecards to dynamically review any dashboard and immediately jump to specific areas you want to explore. This gives users the ability to pivot to many critical areas of pharmacy performance rather than navigating through each dashboard individually.

Additionally, users will have easy access to enhanced filtering capabilities directly within each dashboard that allows them to fully customize workflow.

The Most Dynamic Solution Available

Having redefined the standard for pharmacy benefits analytics, Xevant felt a responsibility to create a platform that would both maximize efficiency for clients and create a space that they would most like to experience the data. This led them to hone in on agility and accessibility in the latest version, in turn, providing intuitive data-driven results and predictive guidance.

With easier navigation and a sexier interface, Xevant completely reinvented how users receive and review insights. By moving from a linear to a dynamic solution, Xevant users can now optimize pharmacy in ways never thought possible.



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Laura Phillipson

Director, Client Success

Laura Phillipson is a client management expert with experience managing client services teams. Her past roles include Sr. Client Services Executive for Navitus and over a decade of experience as a Certified Pharmacy Technician. Laura’s career in client relations spans nearly two decades. An avid sports fan, Laura excels in helping clients create a strong strategy with a competitive edge. Laura’s extensive background in both customer service and the medical field provides an ideal blend to lead client management for Xevant.

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