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The actionable insights you need to lower drug costs and improve health outcomes.

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Imagine a virtual pharmacy benefits expert analyzing your data every single day, looking for opportunities to reduce costs and improve outcomes, instantly notifying you when performance is outside your parameters so you can course correct swiftly. That’s what Xevant can do for you.

Say Goodbye to Data Delays.
Your All-In-One Answer to PBM Efficiency.

Most PBM analytics experts are heavily dependent upon labor-intensive data aggregation, report processing, and analysis hoping to uncover significant client and patient insights.

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Manually combing through data and analyzing hundreds of reports for all clients is a time drain.
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Inefficient PBM data analytics leads to diminishing margins and lost customers.

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Lengthy analysis and report building drives up costs and customer fees.

THE Right INSIGHTS. To the right people. at the right time.

Xevant’s intelligent analytics solution autonomously compiles complete pharmacy claims data analyses, builds reports, and identifies specific client opportunities you can act on in a matter of minutesnot months.


 Automated analysis and reporting performed in real-time.


Alerts and notifications are automatically sent to your inbox.


Procured insights are uncovered and presented to you.


Performance is optimized with custom client action planning.

proof is in the numbers

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Success with Payers

Everything you need to optimize business processes, drive down costs, and satisfy and retain clients.

Next generation data analysis tools are changing the way pharmacy benefit experts are managing their business and their customers.

Contract Management

Evaluate your contract’s performance in less than two hours, being completed as many times as you want.

Contract Variance

Automate contract monitoring and provide status updates regarding pharmacy claims paid versus the contractual amount to be paid.

Disease Management

Provides five different primary dashboards to monitor disease management through real-time analytics.

Identifying New Members

Automate the tracking of members with new indications plus create and save your reports so they can be run as often as you want.

Plan Management

Prepare a customized, comprehensive plan in less than five minutes allowing you to review trends and potential problems in near real-time. 

Product Mix

Automate the evaluation of your product mix in real-time and run the analyses as often as you would like.   

Rebate management

Evaluate your prescription claims data by product channel for eligibility, pricing, potential rejections, among other parameters.

Trend Management

On-demand reports allow you to optimize your plan performance while making industry rate comparisons. 

utilization management

Evaluate utilization and measure performance in minutes by setting expectations and then running reports as often as you would like.

PBMs, Health Plans, TPAs, and Brokers are using Xevant.




Implement Your Xevant System

Our end-to-end implementation, customization, training, and support services will ensure your data is securely imported and your team is equipped to operate.

Automate your data analyses

Our revolutionary PBM analytics platform automatically finds hidden issues saving millions in added costs.


delight your clients

Boost client satisfaction and retention by automating time-consuming tasks like quarterly reviews, claims management, member research, and clinical management.

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Introducing a first-of-its-kind corporate medical weight loss solution.

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