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Manage client pharmacy spend more efficiently with real-time insights and alerts based on client-specific needs.

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Get The Xevant Drug Trends Report

Discover how the key drivers of drug costs are impacting the overall change. This report analyzes PBM Discounts, Drug Inflation, Drug Mix, Utilizer Changes, and Quantity Changes. It also breaks down how each category is driven at the Drug Class level.



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Xevant Client Optimization

Xevant delivers better client performance and experiences by converting data into immediate savings opportunities
Client Performance

We developed Xevant with the end user in mind, so there are dozens of possible ways you can use it to produce improved business and client performance. We have collected each scenario into manageable modules, or core areas, that you can quickly deploy to expand the reach of your optimization. There are currently more than 1,000 visualizations, but we are continually expanding into new areas and opportunities. 

Client Profitability

Xevant offers decreased business operational costs, since you can reduce dependence on staff and resources required to manage clients and the myriad of overlapping client management and reporting systems.  


Additionally, Xevant delivers client-required performance improvements, which differentiates your business in the market place, which increases sales.

Client Performance Optimization

Xevant delivers better client performance and experiences by converting data into immediate savings opportunities
Easily Reduce Costs
for Your Clients

Xevant automatically analyzes data trends, pinpoints any areas for improvement, and alerts you of immediate savings opportunities to communicate with your clients.

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Save Time by Automating Everything 

Gone are the days of manually analyzing hundreds of reports. Xevant automates daily claim information and insights in real-time, so you can make instant recommendations to clients. 

Increase Profitability and Client Retention 

Xevant helps you manage and retain more clients with less resources. Automate client performance based on the custom KPIs they care about to reduce costs and improve member health.

Stand Out From Your Competition

Xevant’s real-time daily claims data feeds give you the insights to differentiate your business, build trusting relationships, and attract new employers.

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Xevant Use Cases

Xevant is comprised of over 100 modules and 2,500 reports spanning several core areas with a primary focus on benefits management through pharmacy claims analysis. Each module allows dozens of possible ways the system can be used to produce improved business and client performance. All core modules are deployed as part of our standard enterprise solution but all other modules can be added at the user or group level to expand the reach of your Xevant optimization. The core modules include: 
TrendLogic: Identifying Key Performance Drivers Through Comprehensive Pharmacy Trend Analysis

By design, TrendLogic guides benefits payers to improved performance and reduced costs through a comprehensive trend analysis utilizing pharmacy claims data. From this evaluation, TrendLogic is able to identify key drivers that are directly impacting performance such as PBM discounts, drug inflation, drug mix, utilizer changes, and intensity.  This detailed report allows benefits payers to bypass the painstaking and often lengthy process of manual analysis and instead provides an automated and near real-time approach to capture these insights so they can more rapidly identify opportunities for plan performance improvements.

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ScripLogic: Pharmacy Benefit Utilization Optimization

ScripLogic provides automated client performance through custom pharmacy benefit “performance zones” based on all areas of utilization, member management, and non-cost related insights for each client. This is enhanced by instant alerts for all client stakeholders when performance falls above or below each zone. The end result is improved member health, reduced operational and client cost, and improved efficiency and effectiveness.

ClinicalLogic: Optimized Clinical Services & Program Management

 ClinicalLogic enables users at all levels to quickly assess the clinical performance of any pharmacy benefit plan compared against proven benchmarks and methodologies established from decades of proven clinical experience. Enabling custom alerts allows all clients to be autonomously managed to every level of clinical performance in near real-time creating immediate opportunities to save lives while reducing plan costs.

FinanceLogic: Complete Financial Insights and Control of Pharmacy Benefits

FinanceLogic allows clients to avoid costly mistakes caused by inaccurate benefit coding, pricing inconsistencies, utilization-based pricing changes, and contract performance. Autonomously audit any set of pharmacy claims data to validate adjudicated results against expected contract rates; customized based on the unique contract terms found in each client contract. Alerts are integrated to identify aberrant pricing or coding errors so you are not forced to waste your time searching for them. 

BidLogic: Pharmacy Claims Repricing and Modeling

BidLogic delivers a simple way to manage the complex and painstakingly difficult PBM pricing process. Our proprietary pricing methodologies and calculations developed over decades are integrated into a simple module that reduces the process of repricing pharmacy claims down to a few a clicks and a few minutes. Historical claims data is reprocessed through an unlimited number of pricing scenarios resulting in a modeling tool that assists the pricing selection process to maximize client savings.

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