TrendLogic: Turn Complex Pharmacy Claims Data Into Actionable Insights

TrendLogic guides benefits payers, including brokers and employers, to improved
performance and reduced costs through a comprehensive trend analysis utilizing
pharmacy claims data. From this evaluation, TrendLogic is able to identify key drivers
that are directly impacting your bottom line. The analysis includes a PBM pricing
comparison to determine if you can increase savings by securing improved PBM pricing.

ScripLogic: Scale and Optimize Pharmacy Benefits

Gain access to fully automated client performance management with
ScripLogic. ScripLogic alerts stakeholders when performance falls above
or below expectations. This means improved patient health, reduced
operational cost, and faster insights into pharmacy benefits.

The First Fully Transparent Drug Rebate Solution

RebateLogic is a groundbreaking solution that fully automates the management
and optimization of drug rebates, while providing a new level of access to industryleading rebate contracts and price transparency.

PlanReview: Automated in-Depth Reports, Crafted in Minutes

Our Plan Review solution automates the creation of on-demand, monthly,
quarterly, and annual Plan Review reports for all its users in just minutes. You
can save literally thousands of hours with a single click, and with the use of
Report Builder you can completely automate the entire process for any client.