Xevant: Revolutionizing the Path to Affordable Prescription Drugs in America

Healthcare costs are record-high, evidenced by the fact that over 900 prescription drugs saw price increases in January alone. Meanwhile, legislative bodies are struggling to address the complexities of drug pricing legislation. Amid these challenges, innovation is starting to show promising signs. Xevant, a pharmaceutical analytics platform, is a testament to what technology and vision can achieve in pursuit of making healthcare more affordable for all Americans. With its sophisticated platform, Xevant is not just part of the conversation about achieving the lowest net-cost drugs; it is leading the charge.

Why Your Drugstore Is Closing

Among the reasons for store closures are rising drug prices, lower staff enrollment, and historic opioid lawsuits, which have impacted each company’s financial standing. Brandon Newman, CEO of data analysis company Xevant, told Newsweek: “First and foremost, rising drug costs are a central concern. As prices escalate, both pharmacies and patients are increasingly burdened. This not only affects pharmacies’ ability to manage inventory efficiently but also places a significant financial strain on patients. The impact on the business health of pharmacies is undeniable.”

The Impacts of March-In Rights on Healthcare and Drug Pricing

On December 7th, President Joe Biden’s administration proposed the potential use of march-in rights under the Bayh-Dole Act. This marks a pivotal moment in the landscape of drug pricing and healthcare. Xevant, a leader in healthcare analytics, is at the forefront of finding the equilibrium between making drugs affordable and fostering the continuous innovation crucial […]

Drive Demand For Your Brand With These 5 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies

In today’s fast-paced digital world, entrepreneurs and marketers must adapt and innovate to stay ahead. Digital marketing tactics have become a mainstay and key component of an omnichannel strategy, building brand and driving demand in competitive markets. These five strategies are designed to attract and engage clients, establish authority, and position your business as an industry leader.

A Closer Look At PBM Spread Pricing

Spread pricing by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) is often portrayed in a negative light due to its perceived impact on drug costs and pharmacy reimbursements. However, it’s essential to explore the nuances of this practice to understand its full scope and potential benefits. While the criticism of spread pricing is valid in certain contexts, there’s another side to this coin that deserves attention. It is critical to dive into the complexities of spread pricing in order to find a balanced perspective on its role in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Future of Healthcare Is Data-Driven: Xevant’s Predictive Analytics Platform Is Paving the Way for Personalized Medicine

Xevant‘s cutting-edge approach to healthcare analytics is setting a new standard in personalized medicine. Leveraging big data and predictive analytics, Xevant provides actionable insights that revolutionize patient care and cost management. The platform’s technology not only speeds up critical pharmacy analysis but also significantly enhances the accuracy and relevance of healthcare decisions. This transformative impact has positioned Xevant as a leader in the healthcare technology sector, paving the way for a more efficient and patient-centric healthcare system.

How Did You Find Your Purpose? – Featuring Xevant’s Chief of Staff, Jaylyn Palmer

“What excites me most about my work is finding myself in a place that values taking care of its people as the foundation of a successful business. Recognizing the human element within the organization and fostering a supportive environment is key. I love to witness the positive impact of embracing authenticity and vulnerability, allowing individuals to be their true selves in an atmosphere where they feel safe to challenge themselves and grow. This approach aligns with my personal belief that genuine care for people leads to both personal and collective success.”