The New PBM Playbook

Unleashing the true potential of technology in healthcare

The pharmacy benefits industry is a complex environment.

Add to that the use of the traditional, decades-old playbook to manage pharmacy benefits performance – making the industry not only daunting but unnecessarily complex.

To be successful in today’s PBM marketplace you’ve got to adopt the latest tech-enabled playbook.

We already have all the necessary ingredients at our fingertips to make this transformational market change, enabling us to more fully optimize pharmacy benefits through big data, automation, and alert-based action.

Learn how next-generation data analysis tools are changing the way pharmacy benefits experts are managing their business.

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What you will learn:

  • Defeating the complex environment of pharmacy benefits
  • Navigating and analyzing big data
  • Embracing AI and automation
  • Optimizing processes, reducing costs, and improving patient outcomes

the new pbm playbook is an active ebook

The New PBM Playbook is an active ebook with new chapters being published and added periodically. New chapters will focus on strategies and actions supporting the principles of The New PBM Playbook that can be applied to your own business.