Xevant’s end-to-end implementation, customization, training, and support services of the Xevant solution ensure that each client maximizes their ROI and achieves the full value of each customized platform.​


Each Xevant implementation is as unique as each client.  Your services make up who you are and should not be changed based on your desire to implement a platform to better manage your clients.  As a result, we have built a robust implementation strategy specifically geared to ensure each deployment is customized to meet your objectives and desired outcomes. Your assigned team of industry experts will guide you through each step of implementation to ensure your data is securely imported and transformed, appropriately powers up all visualizations, and each performance alert is carefully provisioned to ensure you are able to effectively use Xevant to immediately optimize client performance.

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Your unique company, employees, and services are your DNA.  We understand that every Xevant customer uniquely delivers its services to its own clients and that we can’t use a “one-size-fits-all” concept for every customer.  As a result, every Xevant deployment is optimized to match your unique business and client management approach, making your instance of Xevant unlike any other.  Our customization process includes a robust discovery and blue-printing phase to ensure we fully understand your desired outcome. The optimization process doesn’t end after implementation since your ongoing needs will continue to evolve.


We provide a range of product training services to ensure you and your team are able to fully deploy and utilize the Xevant game-changing functionalities.  Our live and in-person certification program enables client administrators to become experts in both Xevant and Domo. These are supplemented with additional training resources that include:


  • More than 20 in-platform training modules

  • Customized webinar trainings 

  • Scheduled weekly training sessions

  • Help center, Domo University and an online community.


As a SaaS solution, Xevant automatically scales resources up and down to meet your needs. Our model provides a dedicated 3+ tier services solution to ensure your Xevant instance receives ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and support.  Your primary assigned Solutions Consultant will be available as a first line of contact for all your ongoing questions and requests. Each Solutions Consultant is supported by technical and executive resources to assist in situations that require additional expertise.  Finally, Xevant is also supported by multiple levels of dedicated Domo resources. Xevant, in coordination with Domo, fully manages the infrastructure, scalability, redundancy and provisioning of your Xevant instance.