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Drastically Cut Costs With Real-time Insights

Within a moment, a perfectly managed account can take a sharp downward turn. All it takes is one high cost claim and costs can skyrocket. Xevant can identify this claim within a day, enabling account managers to manage that claim immediately instead of letting those costs rack up over the entire year. Real-time insights save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Explore Some of the Most Popular Xevant Use Cases

Contract Management

Reduce claims costs by 3% (avg) by optimizing PBM contract guarantees and performance in real-time
Avoid the cost of full PBM audits costing $50K-$100K and 6 months of analysis if probability of audit success is low
Avoid cost of moving vendors by communicating and managing underperformance with consultant and PBM

Plan Management

Xevant gives you the power of real-time plan review without waiting 8-12 weeks for PBM. Identify problems sooner and save $430K.

Formulary Optimization

Disruption analysis to determine the optimal formulary based on savings and member impact. Drive down costs and improve member outcomes.

Specialty Co-Pay Assistance

9% plan cost reduction without making changes to benefits plan

Real-time alerting and management of high-cost specialty drugs

15% reduction in member costs from high-cost specialty drugs

Improved medication adherence associated with lower cost of therapy

Product Mix Optimization

Acceleration of generic adoption through real-time generic rate alerting and analysis

1.7% savings vs non-Xevant plan sponsors by reducing the time for full new generic adoption by 8 months

2.3% member cost reduction over the same time frame

Rx Adherence Management

Identify non-adherent patients and intervene with patient management programs. Report increased cost due to non-adherence as well as savings based on adherence monitoring.

COVID-19 Patient Management

TPA for plan sponsor with 3,500 members identified over 300 members who were at-risk for COVID-19 but still actively working in public

Care coordination provided through TPA to move vulnerable members into home-based working environment

Member outcomes improved with lower infection and hospitalization rates

New to Therapy Management

Network Management

Instant alerting of changes to utilization among channel including in-house pharmacies. Cost decreases through optimal channel.

Instant Claims Repricing

Reprices claims in real-time within seconds across any number of PBM rate options. Since 2018, Xevant and clients using BidLogic have helped hundreds of plan sponsors save an aggregate of over $150M in drug spend.

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