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New! Enhanced Features for XEVANT X3

Live Plan Review:

Ditch printed PowerPoint decks and PDFs. The Live Plan Review allows users to walk through plan reviews without the need to print. Where client travel is not always an option, the elimination of printed presentations makes distant client management quick and easy. Simply click through X3’s customized dashboard paths and drill through the live data; real-time. Xevant works with our clients to understand which key points to feature in their customized plan review and build out dashboard paths to help them create a story with the data. Each Live Plan Review is customizable and allows the client to choose what they want to talk about and the order or path to get there.


Medication matters. Adherence allows users to rate the medicine compliance of members. This predictive feature tracks the timing of medication fulfillment and use, then alerts whenever fulfillment abuse or medication cessation occurs. Claims tracking and reporting help healthcare workers to have hard data on how their patients are using/not using their meds. The user-friendly dashboard also features member contact information so teams can instantly reach out and get the patient back on track.

Drug Settlement Dashboard:

Fearless prescriptions! The Drug Settlement Dashboard lists claims for drugs that have settlements. Easy to access information includes which states the claims are coming from, the number of members using the drug, and the value of the settlement offer. This information can be used to provides greater client service by submitting a settlement on behalf of the patient. Saving the patient money is always appreciated.

Xevant is the Leader for Accurate and Actionable Pharmacy Data

Xevant is the must-have data analytics "swiss-army knife". Xevant’s innovative features, user-friendly dashboards and customizable reports create the perfect tool for healthcare collaboration. Not only does Xevant deliver the data, but Xevant’s experts are happy to provide optimization and training services for your business.


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