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Introducing XEVANT COVID-19 Member Outreach Model

Xevant COVID-19 Module combines the most reputable-sourced global and national data on COVID-19, with pharmacy claims data to provide in-depth, actionable, life-saving insights. The module pinpoints vulnerable client populations, highest risk demographics and pandemic utilization trends. In addition, Xevant features fully customizable reports; saving time and targeting what’s critical. Every saved second is a saved life.

XEVANT COVID-19 Member Outreach Module Features:

Global Status:

The greatest problem in the fight against COVID-19 is timely, accurate data. The Global Status module provides detailed statistics from the most reputable sources; available in user-friendly,

easy to analyze formats. As an added bonus, this module includes analytics to provide insight

for disease prevalence and mortality rates per capita. The Global Status feature places all the

best data at your fingertips to provide the in-depth, life-saving information.

Vulnerable Members:

Since the very first outbreak, information regarding the most vulnerable demographics affected by COVID-19 have often been incorrect or misleading; making it difficult for government and healthcare workers to determine which demographic should have the greatest focus. Vulnerable Members effectively identifies member populations at all levels of risk for contracting the infection. This feature incorporates cross sections of geography, age bands, and high-risk disease states. Vulnerable Members allows users to quickly access member details while enabling instant action. Vulnerable Members is a must-have tool in your data arsenal to effectively identify potential spreads for quarantine.

Utilization Changes:

Pharmacy data is key to recovery. Utilization Changes tracks medicine updates, utilization increases, possible COVID-19 claims, supply changes by day, and cost changes by week. The ability to see real-time what is working and what is not in the race for the vaccine is a critical component to saving lives. This feature can also generate fast, customizable reports; providing the right data at the right time.

Xevant is the Leader for Accurate and Actionable Pharmacy Data

Xevant is the must-have data analytics "swiss-army knife". Xevant’s innovative features, user-friendly dashboards and customizable reports create the perfect tool for healthcare collaboration. Not only does Xevant deliver the data, but Xevant’s experts are happy to provide optimization and training services for your business.


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