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Introducing Xevant X3+

Xevant X3+


It has been a few months since deploying X3, and we want to express great appreciation for taking the time to constructively review the platform and provide valuable feedback to help guide us when deploying future updates. Based on your comments along with continual planned updates to user interface, Xevant has been focused on completing a crucial follow-up update to X3 that will aid in further optimization of the complete Xevant experience. The end result is a revised user interface that is focused on ease-of-use, speed to insights, and most importantly, helping our clients spend more time with each, individual customer

The improvements provided by X3+ include:

•Improved speed and efficiency

•Modified & more intuitive platform

•New look and feel for ease of navigation

•New color coordinated buttons and icons

Speed to insights to your most commonly monitored therapies.

Filter through therapies with one click

Utilizing Members

•Provides high level access to all members utilizing medications for each therapy

•Provides key performance indicators for each therapy

Utilizing Drugs

•Provides high level detail for the most costly medications

•Provides high level detail for the most utilized medications

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