Identify Vulnerable Members from Simplified Pharmacy Data 

Combine your pharmacy claims data with global & national COVID-19 data to gain insight into vulnerable client populations and individual members who are at the highest levels of risk for this infection. Xevant also enables you to continuously monitor changing utilization trends resulting from this pandemic.


“We all watched in disbelief as the entire world began coping with the adverse effects of COVID-19. At the same time, we have had a front row seat to the power of humanity in confronting a brave new world.
In the spirit of accountability to 'lift where we stand' and in partnership with our clients, we are releasing the first version of our COVID-19 module to help our clients and the market as a whole combat the seemingly ever expanding Coronavirus.”
- Brandon Newman, CEO and Co-Founder of Xevant.  


Global Status

Detailed COVID-19 statistics from reputable sources organized in ways to easily analyze the ongoing evolution and spread of the virus world-wide and across the US. We have added analysis providing insight into disease prevalence and mortality rates per capita.

Vulnerable Members

Effectively identifies member populations at all levels of risk for contracting the infection with cross sections of geography, age bands, and high risk disease states. A key functionality allows users to jump to member details and contact information to enable instant action. 

Utilization Changes

Quantify the impact of members seeking COVID-19 treatment or utilization changes outside of typical norms. Specific areas of focus include: utilization increases, maintenance medication changes, possible COVID-19 claims, days supply changes, and cost changes by week.


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