Enterprise software is not just about displaying, using, and storing large amounts of data. And it's not as simple as establishing automatic business processes, or making sure claims data and client reporting can peacefully co-exist. It's really about the vast experience and “real-world” application behind all the reports, alerts, and insights supporting the software.  Since the late 1980’s, the creators of the Xevant solution were busy building and managing managed care companies while providing insights to clients of all sizes and types. The methodologies painstakingly developed over 25 years have been carefully enriched and embedded within the Xevant platform in order to provide our customers with a perfect blend of proven "Logic” coupled with innovative features and functionalities. The end result is an enterprise "business and client optimization" platform for your organization that is more than just the sum of its parts; it's an entirely new way of managing an enterprise and its clients that delivers immediate and long-lasting results.  

Our story

Every business and organization is as unique as a human fingerprint.  Our team of experts has been delivering healthcare  client management, repricing, savings, and client optimization for over 25 years. During this time the Xevant team has individually taken diverse paths in order to converge together under the Xevant name. Today, Xevant is entirely focused on bringing meaningful value and delivering solutions and services to payers, PBMs, TPAs, consultants, and brokers. Due to the level of PBM and payer expertise each team member brings to the table, we are able to deliver highly-functional and customized solutions to our clients to better navigate and compete in a complex and changing market.  

Leadership Team


Mike Krause

VP, Sales 

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Greg Heaps 

Director, Marketing 

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Tyler Burgi

Manager, Business Intelligence 

Tyler Burgi

Manager, Business Intelligence 

Gina Montague

Director, Product Management

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Chad Davis

Information, Security, Risk, Compliance Manager 

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Ryan Allred

Data Architect

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“We have a very unique book of business with multiple vendors and contracts, and a very demanding client base. We expected to provide a platform that would improve transparency and in- sights into our client’s pharmacy data quicker and more accurately than we or anyone else in the marketplace had previously provided. This truly could not have been done with- out the expertise and customer service of Xevant.”



“Now that we have Xevant, Araya can compete with the major players in the industry because we have a tool that is equal to or better than what they offer. Our account and clinical man- agers are simply more productive with access to Xevant. With Xevant, we are able to automate client performance and increase the amount of clients an account manager could handle and improve client service at the same time.”



“Thanks to Xevant, we were able to deliver to our clients and prospects a state-of-the-art client performance management and reporting tool that differentiates our services and makes us highly competitive in a very crowded PBM market. We saw an immediate increase in net new accounts sold directly resulting from deploying Xevant and offering it to our prospects.”


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